Boat Trip Services Zuideinde Giethoorn

Boat Trip Services Zuideinde Giethoorn

The beautiful village of Giethoorn with its many town canals and small bridges is located in the watery area of North-West Overijssel. As early as 1230 the name Giethoorn was first being mentioned in the chronics. At that time, a group of flagellants settled down in the area at the behest of the bishop of Utrecht. These flagellants were the first to engage in the utilisation and cultivation of the land and in peat digging. This is how in the centuries to come the characteristic landscape with its numerous town canals and moats was created, which storms and floods later shaped to Beulacker and Beltewijde .

The best way to get to know Giethoorn is to start with boat trip services Zuideinde Giethoorn.

A boat trip will give you the best impression of this idyllic village. Enjoy the beautiful nature, the water and the nostalgic little farmsteads.

Regularly, boat trips last about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Competent tour guides on board show our guests the most beautiful spots and tell them everything there is to know about the history of Giethoorn village. Foreign tourists are welcome to participate, as the guided tours are also available in German, English, or French.
Apart from regular boat trips, additional stops for a short walk, to take photos, or visit a museum can be schedule.

Boat trip services Zuideinde Giethoorn also offers many opportunities for large groups. Your group will be taken to a most beautiful café. Our longstanding collaboration with Restaurant « De Otterskooi » makes us a perfect partner for foreign tour providers. Boat trips can end by having a coffee together or – as the option that most bus tour providers book – be completed by a great buffet.

If you are looking for a unique location for a family getaway, a bachelor party or company outing, Rondvaart Zuideinde in Giethoorn is your competent partner!
The longest and nicest boat trip through Giethoorn and its environs!

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